Municipal Corporation of Greater Hyderabad Customer Care, Complaints and Reviews

Municipal Corporation of Greater Hyderabad Customer Care, Complaints and Reviews

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation


CC Complex, Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund


Hyderabad District

Andhra Pradesh


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Bad news – Even though we’ve managed to contact the company, they’re quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Municipal Corporation of Greater Hyderabad Customer Care related pictures (1673)

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Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
No Street Light From Past 5 Years


 Veda Swaroop on Nov 12, 2020

Hello Team,

I stay in plot no 164, Satya Sai enclave, Bowenpally. Its been 5 years and more GHMC team putting a new pole without street light, there is no street light in front of my home, they are many dogs & snakes in the street, our colony committee is not at all responsible for the colony, I been calling GHMC toll free 6 to 7 time’s they rise the complaint but there is no use at all, I get a call from ground level person they tell me to call Alwal AE Swati and I been calling her more than 50 time but he ll never respond to call me back. Hope at least this message will help me and my street members thank you.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Problem with street dogs in my colony


 Anonymous468 on Nov 12, 2020

We are facing lots of problems with the street dogs. They usually bark and run behind everyone in the streets. Especially in the nights(complete night) they disturb everyone with their loud barkings, fightings and loud cries. We request you guys to come to our colony and take away these street dogs. We will be really thankful if you do so.

Address : Road no 2(A), sainagar colony, Nagole, Hyderabad – 500068

Landmark: Behind Alkapuri swagath grand.

Thanks in advance

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
GHMC Sanitation : Sweeping of Roads


 Sayma Wakeel on Nov 11, 2020

There is a blind lanes around my residence. Sweepers since last six months are not attending to sweeping in the lanes. No SSO has visited the lanes. Garbage is accumulated in the lanes causing mosquitoes and other unhealthy problems to the residents of houses situated in these lanes.

Requested to instruct the SSO and the sanitary jawan to see that the lanes are cleaned and garbage removed regularly.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
I am complaining about the increase of street dogs


 king cute on Nov 10, 2020

In my area their are many street dogs which are biting and shouting unnecessary by which small kids are fearing to go outside. Please take immediate action ASAP

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Stray Dogs Menace in Malkajgiri


 Maria S on Nov 10, 2020


Im a resident of Gautham nagar. Malkajgiri St nbr 20

We have a lot of stray dogs here who cause an issue while people walk they come to pounce on them and it is the worst at night as the bark and haul alot. As I work from home and thats causing a lot of issues while I am on Office and Client Calls.

Adding to it I have a 1 year old who is awakend by the sounds at night.

I hope the team looks into this matter and help us with this issue.

This is a small ask but would be a huge help

Street Dogs in my colony


 Sushma Venkatesh on Nov 9, 2020

Hi Team,


Road no 1, srilakshmi nager, mansoorabadh, Hyderabad

This issue is raised every time when ever we write here it’s sorted out, not sure all a sudden from where we get so many street dogs in our locality.

We have so many street dogs not able to walk in the night hours, we have senior citizens who go for walking in morning hours with kids.

This is creating a lot of problem, please help us.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Facing problem with stray Dogs


 v.akhil Goud on Nov 9, 2020

Facing problem with stray Dogs.. Everytime they run over bikes and bite them and Bark Everytime… ITS disturbing very much please take any action

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Stray dogs creating disturbances


 Ahamad87 on Nov 9, 2020

I’m a resident of JJ Nagar colony opp.Dolphins Restaurant Neredmet Secunderabad and my issue is regarding stray dogs…Pls took it as serious issue n respond immediately since stray dogs are creating alot of disturbances n they are in large numbers in our area pls take immediate action.

Noise pollution in Tallagadda road


 Manisha Veeranki on Nov 8, 2020

Our apartment is located beside kabaddi stadium, tallagadda road. We are facing a dreadful situation over noise pollution due to marriage processions happening every second day and the loudspeakers at hanuman temple (situated in very close proximity) operate often with eardrum-breaking volume adding to the dreadful situation. During lockdown situation was in control. Now after unlock the same nuisance has resumed. Elders at home have sleepless nights due to this. During daytime, Work-from-home is getting disturbed due to this. I sincerely urge you to look into this matter and save lives of elders in locality. Please take strict action and ban all the noise related activity in the area.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad


 shardhul on Nov 8, 2020

As in our street since from one year sanitation and sweeping is not doing we ourselves personally doing even our several requests the sweepers not accepting our requests and not cleaning our locality roads, recently we made complaint but no use and nothing has solved. our area will comes under 11 th divison and hayath nagar circle. OUR ADDRESS ADARSH NAGAR COLONY 2, NEAR NAGOLE RTA OFFICE, NAGOLE, HYDERABAD.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Street dogs issue Severe


 Ramsget2me on Nov 8, 2020

We have been in trouble by the increase in the number of street dogs. They are wild and chasing the children and other people. Please send a dog van to catch them. I hope you understand the situation

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Laying of Road in pasha Pasha colony


 RahJah on Nov 7, 2020

I am a Resident of PashaColony NearMahboobConvention Puppalaguda backside of Manikonda, towards Alkapoor road . Almost all interior lanes have cemented or dammar road only one lane is deliberately left in front of Alijah Cottage Plot59/B PashaColony. New neighbours have dug up borewell on the road, kindly look into this ASAP

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Illegal Parking of four wheelers and two wheelers on both sides of Road


 Rakesh Kathotia on Nov 7, 2020

Illegal Parking of Two Wheelers and four wheelers is being done in front of turning near Maniky Nilayam, Adjacent to SAI RM APARTMENTS, ( Adress: New Bakaram, Narmada Hospital Lane, Gandhi Nagar, HYDERABAD – 500080), making it imposssible to drive 4wheelers .

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Stray dogs in Puppalaguda


 Art Queen on Nov 7, 2020

There are so many street dogs more than 10 dogs in puppalaguda near SHIVALAYAM ratnadeep.

9star plaza


Store no.5

Nighttime as day time these dogs are creating lot of problems.

Request to please take the dogs




Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Too many stray dogs Prem nagar colony Bolarum


 ashxtrem on Nov 6, 2020

Sir, i am a resident of Prem nagar colony, risala bazar, macha-bolarum, 500010

there are lots of stray dogs and its very difficult to roam around in night as they tend to bark or attack.

this has caused serious injuries to many people, and hence would like to request a immediate action on this.

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Leakage of drain and blocked manhole


 [email protected] on Nov 6, 2020

I am the resident of[protected]/2/61/1, tulasinager allwyn colony phase 2 Kukatpally Hyderabad near Jeevan jyoti High school.

I would you like to inform you that in my area manhole got completedly blocked and drain water is flowing on the road.

Please inform the GHMC to take an action and clear the manhole which is blocked.

I sincerely request to take the matter as urgent and please complete it.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Bhanu prasad

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
To Catch the Starry Street dogs


 aswanth v on Nov 6, 2020

In kphb colony, road no 3, kphb phase 2, Aruna Delux hostel lane, house no #EWS 1059, 2 dogs are barking entire night form 1 month and making us not to sleep, those are not pet dogs they are street dogs, whenever ghmc people comes to catch the street dogs they are protecting them in the home (black and brown dogs in the home) they don’t have any pet dog license. though GHMC is taking good steps for making the Hyderabad as street dog less, please consider the request and make us comfortable to stay in Hyderabad as soon as possible

Note: whenever GHMC people visit this place to catch the dogs please verify the house Number #1059 and if the dogs purely street dogs and they don’t have any license

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Lot of street dogs problem


 Chandi Priya. on Nov 6, 2020

In our colony there are lot of street dogs they are cahsing people and also dangerous to come out of home. Highly risk and also chasing the bikes. It is very difficult to come out. Please take an action asap. Phone number [protected]

Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad
Street dogs in madhura nagar


 Yamini Pokuri on Nov 5, 2020

Hi sir,

We are facing very difficult with street dogs in my area.

They are chasing people, we facing difficult if we go by walk.

For children’s it’s very dangerous. Make sure to take proper action.

Thanks in advance

K. Yaminikandukuri

Rajeswari layout

Phase 3

Madhra Nagar



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